Capsule Endoscopy

What is Capsule Endoscopy?
Your physician has determined that as part of your medical evaluation you should undergo an examination known as Capsule Endoscopy. This procedure involves ingesting a small (the size of a large vitamin pill) PILLcam capsule called (M2A), which allows your doctor to evaluate your small intestine (duodenum, jejunum, ileum). Capsule Endoscopy is usually indicated for gastrointestinal bleeding, Crohn’s disease, detecting polyps, diarrhea, and tumors of the small intestine or ulcers. The M2A capsule is disposable and will be passed naturally in your bowel movement. In the rare case that it is not passed naturally, it will need to be removed endoscopically or surgically.

What is the preparation for the procedure?
Abstain from smoking 24 hours prior to undergoing Capsule Endoscopy.

Purchase Miralax 238g (over the counter) from your pharmacy

Over the counter medication will need to be purchased and more specific instructions will be given during the scheduling time.

The Day before your test
Clear liquid diet all day. At 8 p.m. drink (17 gram or 1 cap full) of Miralax dissolved in 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes (4 times).

Drink 2 more glass of clear liquids between 8 and 10 p.m.

Make sure move around to prevent abdominal cramping and bloating.

Nothing by mouth after 10 p.m.

The morning of your test
Thirty minutes prior to your test, drink one cap full of Miralax dissolved in 8 ounces of water. Please wear of comfortable two (2) piece outfit.

What to expect during Capsule Endoscopy?
This test will be done at Digestive Disease Clinic, 715 N Weber St #100. There is additional parking in the rear of the building. The preparation for the test is approximately 30 minutes, plan on being at the clinic for that amount of time. You will swallow a small camera capsule about the size of a vitamin. This will take pictures of your small intestine. Follow the patient instruction sheet given to you. You may go about your regular activities for the day. You will wear a belt that carries a small data recorder that records images sent by the capsule for a full 8 hours. The data recorder and belt must be returned to the clinic the same day as the test.

What happens after Capsule Endoscopy?
You can resume your normal activity after the procedure. You will get a call from our office within in few days to review your Capsule Endoscopy results. Capsule will be excreted via the stool. After ingestion of the capsule and until it is passing, you should not have a MRI examination or be near an MRI machine.